Tips and Recommendations to Fix Core Web Vitals Easily

Here is the list of Tips and Recommendations that will help you Fix your Core Web Vitals Easily because the resources and tools shared here are tested for Performance by me personally and I am using most of them on my client’s website.

Server-Side Optimization

When you see the “Reduce Initial Server Response Time” error on PageSpeed Insight Report this means Your Hosting is not performing well. Please note that only hosting is not responsible for low server response time, sometime your theme and plugins may also be responsible for the same. But in most cases, Hosting is the one responsible mainly for server response time.

There are other Server-side optimization things Like PHP Version, Database Cleaning, Old Files and Cache Cleaning, Proper Cron Configuration, XML RPC configuration, WordPress Rest API heartbeat, etc. These things also play a very important role in your server optimization which is explained properly in My Course.

Why Your Server Response Time is Very High?

First of all, Let’s understand the server properly. When you say ‘SERVER’ this means you refer to a Computer with CPU, RAM, and Storage Connected 24×7 with the Internet. Now a Computer can be slow due to multiple reasons like the CPU is overloaded with multiple tasks or RAM is not sufficient to handle all requests or disk space is not enough.

Referring to Hosting Servers, In most cases, The Hosting Provider gives you shared hosting, which means a Single Computer is shared among multiple users for hosting multiple websites, and hence when few of the websites on the same server got high traffic or get overloaded anyhow, all the websites on the server get affected.

Well now hosting providers use Load Balancers as well as Resource Limit to prevent these from happening but If a CPU is shared you are not getting the full juice from it. So when you host a website on shared hosting you must check the Server statics in your Cpanel to ensure everything is normal

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